I created a website, which means I am deleting this blog. The reasoning for this is that I miss collecting being fun. Since creating this blog, I became focused on it opposed to enjoying collecting.

I am sure some are wondering, then why create another website? Well, this website does not have a blog section. All the website has is a section about my collection and myself, another section for Frequently Asked Questions, and finally a section for contacting me. Therefore, this website will save me the time and effort it takes to constantly reply to DMs and comments asking the same questions. Also, down the road, I can use this website to share a wishlist or other things. However, for now, it is just a means of information for those interested.

Overall, I needed a way to inform others without stressing over various blog posts. From this point on, my focus when it comes to collecting will be on exactly that… collecting. Thank you for everyone that subscribed to this blog!