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Heroes Collection

Throughout my years of collecting autographs, I have had the privilege of getting the autographs from Steve Young (Hall of Fame football player) to Andrew Lincoln (actor on The Walking Dead). Although I was stoked to get the autographs above and all the others I have, I have not felt the same excitement for an autograph like I did when I got my first one in high school (before I collected).

When I was in high school, I had to do a project where we reached out to someone in a career field that we were interested in. I chose law enforcement. After sharing a couple emails with an officer in Florida, he shared that he wanted to send me a package of items to help me in my path. A few days later a package arrived. Inside was information about the police department he worked for, a field guide for law enforcement, his business card, and a book that he wrote a note in for me.

To this day, this is by far my favorite autograph. The reasoning is because I know that this officer went above and beyond to help me. And if he did so to help me from a different state, I could only imagine the impact he made on his community during his twenty years of service. This officer was someone that I admired and consider a hero.

Due to this, I have decided to get autographs from heroes. The heroes that I am talking about include but are not limited to the following: police officers, firefighters, paramedics, military members/veterans, nurses, doctors, and heroes in the news. Along with autographs, I would love to collect items that represent these heroes, such as patches, gear, and etc.

By collecting the above, I hope to eventually have a collection that I can share with the world to honor all the men and women that are heroes. In doing so, I hope my collection will allow people to see that there are good people in this world and to inspire them to follow the examples of the heroes in my collection.

If you are employed with the military, a law enforcement agency, fire department, or etc and would be interested in helping to add to my collection, please contact me.